WP Web Audit Review

WP Web Audit Review

Speed up your site by 800% + block 90% of hack attacks in 2 minutes

No one is born as WordPress expert, for most of us it’s a game of trial & error – so we’re left to figure stuff out for ourselves…

It’s no surprise then that 99% of the biggest WordPress mistakes are made right at the very beginning – at site setup.

Chris Hitman a 10 year WordPress pro & vendor of 7x #1 bestsellers including: BlogDefender, WP Localhost, WP Linkshield… has produced the fastest guide & toolkit on running high traffic WP sites…

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Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Rapidly secure a WP Site in under 3 minutes
2. Speed up your website by up to 800% in 30 seconds.
3. Block 90% of bad traffic in 1 minute
4. Block 99% spam in 30 seconds
5. Massively improve your site stability in 1 minute
6. Boost your SEO score & site visibility
7. Instantly increase your server capacity for free
8. Massive reduce your downtime & need for hosting support
9. Save $1000’s on needless server upgrades
10. Avoid getting booted by hosts for breaking their T’s & C’s

+ much more…

WP Web Audit allows you to configure your sites for high traffic with rapid step by step instructions & tools

You get 10 years worth of Chris’s WP experience in minutes and save yourself $1000’s & hours of hassle long term.

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KS13842, KS13637

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