WP Tweet Machine Review

Starts Adding an Unlimited Number of 100% REAL, Targeted FOLLOWERS to Any Twitter Account in under 2 mins – WP Tweet Machine Review



  • 100% Autopilot Software
  • Setup to go in 2 minutes
  • Newbie Friendly – Tested
  • Guaranteed 100% Real Twitter Followers
  • Works for Twitter Accounts in ANY NICHE
  • Auto Content Posting to Twitter
  • Massive Time Saver + Beta Tester Approved


WP Tweet Machine Review


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WP Tweet Machine Review


Now You Can Finally Get Unlimited Followers to Your Twitter Account

Imagine getting 100s of new Followers everyday, without doing any work.

Imagine being able to take your content VIRAL…in just 10 seconds..

Imagine spending seconds (instead of HOURS) setting up your Twitter marketing campaign.

What would it feel like to get 100s of NEW LEADS from Twitter, every day.

Think of getting more sales, more amazon commissions and more clicks to every offer you tweet out.

Imagine making more and more money from Twitter without spending any time.

What would it feel like to be able to get 100s of people engaging on every tweet you make?


The POWER PACKED Features INSIDE WP Tweet Machine That Make it SO POWERFUL…


1. 100% REAL Followers + 100% Autopilot System

Never before has there been a software that gets you 100% Real Twitter Followers on complete autopilot. A true set and forget solution to growing your twitter account without any manual work. Very unique solution!

2. Automatic Image Curation & Posting

People on twitter love good content and that’s exactly why we built into this the ability to automatically curate content from Instagram and Flickr to post super relevant images to your twitter account based on the keywords and hashtags you select. Again this is done on complete AUTOPILOT.

3. Automatic Video Curation & Posting

Videos are the #1 type of content being consumed today. Post a great video and you’ll see your tweets go viral like crazy. Shares, retweets and favorites will skyrocket for your content and you will build authority like no other, on complete autopilot – just select the tags according to your niche.

4. Add & Tweet Content from ANY Website with RSS Feed

We’ve added a very cool RSS based content posting system that can curate content from any RSS feed you addand tweet content and links to those posts and generate amazing high quality content from any source around the web. Once again, 100% Autopilot system.

5. Add UNLIMITED Content Sources

Like other software products that let you get content from just a few sources, WP Tweet Machine lets you post content to your account from an unlimited number of video, image and content sources. Mix and match the kind of content you like – 100% in your control..

6. Autopilot INCOME : Custom Promotion & Engagement Messages

What’s the point of all this if you cannot make money from your followers. That’s why we built the custom promotions and engagement section into this software that lets you add completely spinnable content in spintax format and post offers, affiliate promos and almost any kind of monetization system you want by way of regular tweets to your followers.

7. Strong TARGETING : Find and Follow Specific Type of People

TweetMachine will only follow and build followers that are targeted to your niche based on keywords and tags. Being able to have a targeted audience is the BEST kind of audience you can have. These targeted users take action on every offer or promotion you send out and they are REAL LEADS that you can generate a good income from on complete autopilot.

8. Completely HANDS FREE Solution – Takes 2 minutes to Setup

If you ever wanted a solution that works without any manual effort, completely hands free and is super easy to setup, this is exactly what you need. You’ll get high quality, targeted followers on complete autopilot.

All these and MANY more features are built into WP Tweet Machine make it the most effective & easiest to use software you could get.



ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to TweetMachine at 80% OFF!


WP Tweet Machine Review


Ankur Shukla ·

Tell us how you will use this plugin (and if you think this is COOL smile emoticon )
Like · Reply · 4 · 9 hrs · Edited

Ozzy Cameo

I got your previous FB plugin FB Fan Machine which works in a similar fashion for FB and had great success people liking me and growing my audience. I found that ultimately this is a numbers game so instead of just opening one page I opened 6 different ones in the same niche with ver similar content but with the very same sales funnels and that the key to it: get them in the funnel

Most people expect that if you just automate the posts or tweets then people would come and buy which is not the case at all. I’d suggest 5 stages:

1. Provide Real Value: before you even start thinking about monSee More

Like · Reply · 3 · Nov 21, 2015 10:22pm

Dave Hobley ·

This looks super cool! I have been looking for something like this to help me keep up with the may niches I am growing… This just might be the key I have been looking for!
Like · Reply · 13 hrs

Леон Красовский ·

AMAZING plugin! Totally love it! I would use it in a totally strange way – motivate people to vote for somebody before any elections in any country. A-H-A! Even if you don’t live in it! Just create twitter accounts for two or three top campaigners (to get the most of the total audience) and just run WP Tweet Machine. Guess, how you can make money on it… wink emoticon Pretty obvious…

Dave Hobley ·

This looks super cool! I have been looking for something like this to help me keep up with the may niches I am growing… This just might be the key I have been looking for!
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Scott Powell ·

Digitizing Political Advocacy..would use this to share this with as many people as possible..Scott Powell
Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hrs

Lori Mooney ·

Wow this is just what I was looking for! I am promoting a music video for an activist who is part of a socially conscious band that creates songs to bring awareness to a variety of controversial situations. Finding the people to target with Twitter has been a challenge and with this tool I believe we’ll be able to move forward and help the people this band wants to help!
Like · Reply · 1 · 15 hrs

Mary Duff

WoW I have seen other auto poster before but not to the extent that you have taken this. You have knocked this one out of the park. being able to build my followers and promote my links to all on auto pilot would increase awearness and sharing of content to more people than I could doing in months therefore increase the amount of income I am looking for. Thanks for making this and now sharing it with all of us. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!

Kevin M Harper ·

I willuse this to post my blog post, podcast and music.

Osman Ben Ali ·

I watch some videos about this plugin and I think it will be amazing tool!

Stella Sutton

Look at this great new programme!

Stella Sutton

wow this is a great programme and I would really like to get this. I am just starting a new programme and would like to advertise it on Twitter, also on my website and my facebook page. So here we go, wish me luck to win one of these. Have a great Sunday!

Faithful Man

This looks like a awesome software to get Twitter Followers and other things with Twitter. This looks lile the best Twiter software that I have ever seen.

Tim Munro ·

I haven’t spent much time using twitter before – this sounds like I could still spend just as little time but get great benefits of building followers and channeling them through to other social accounts where I provide valuable content (build new followers there) and then to monetize there engagement (catch them, feed them, reap them).

Hal Weinshank ·

I would send retweets/followers to a Landing Page with FREE product to build my list.

Tony Inocentes ·

I have used other tweeters that required scrapping. I also use WP Fan machine. This Tweet machine will be better and will be used to grow my fans on Twitter Instagram, my blogs and sport FB pages. That are monetized. Great product.

Mark Lauterbach ·

Launching a new business where I need to build a new twitter following in this niche; this is exactly what I need, so cool!! I was going to be doing research on twitter automation today and then I checked my email and found your message about the new product — it was like you were reading my mind!

Marian Blake ·

Great tool. I have just started to use social media to promote my books, ebooks, coloring book and t-shirts. This will make things so much easier. Good luck with your launch.

Fabrice Mouchain ·

I will promote my new website through tweeting my podcasts.

Lance Verster ·

WP Tweet Machine can be used in various ways:
If the software is used as shown in the demo the first thing is that it will build a relationship and trust with followers as the content that is provided is of high quality.
When your followers trust you they are more likely to take action on recommendations.
The software can be used to build a list of subscribers
The software can be used to generate extra traffic to websites, Facebook pages,video channels.
The software builds a list and you can use this to target specific groups with Twitter ads.
Great software and we’ll thought out Dan!

Gabor Nezner ·

Great tool! I would use it to grow followers to my directory sites.

Bernard Lopez ·

I surely use it for my main money site !

Ashwin Bhadri ·

By the way, also used your other plugins, and they are working great!!! great job guys!!!

Ashwin Bhadri ·

Loved the Idea!!! I would use it to launch multiple accounts and attract followers for specific niches and then funnel them to my list and over time monitize it.

Huey Liew ·

Hmmm, can be aligned with what I do, true as mentioned by Ozzy, by just twitting you will not get sales. My take are
1. Traffic Generation, this is where wp tweet machine will be useful
2. Capture
3. Nurture
4. Conversion
5. Maximise
6. Monitor, analyse, rinse and repeat.
Good to have WP Tweet Machine in my tool box. Cheers.

Cristiano Reis

Great Idea. I would use it to my video channels and facebook pages!

John B. Mcdonald ·

Thta’s p[retty cool. Im not quite sure how I might use it at this point, but It does spark some ideas

Panayiotis Kiliaris

Berfect product idea. Can’t wait to get access to it!!

Patrick Tuttle ·

I have been wondering how to get my info to the right people about our charity and the plight of the orphans in Zambia Africa. Since the country may run out of electricy soon, I need to target solar companies to get donations for a panel system to save our 65 kids and 450 students in our school. We are now on 12 hours of no electricy now as it stands it looks worse in the coming months if the rains do not come. Right now we are using candles for the children to study by. I think this tool will provide me the way to accomplish this goal not only for www.akcli-voh.org but for other charities I help to market. Thanks for making such an easy tool to help find the access we need to those who can make a difference.

Emmanuel Wong

Congrate on a well written product

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