WP Scope Review – Hungry Live Untapped Traffic

WP Scope Review

WP Scope Review

WP Scope Review v1Hungry Live Untapped Traffic

Twitter’s new live streaming platform is still new (released in March 2015), so your subscribers are unlikely to be aware of this growing audience.

This first video will introduce them to Periscope, why they need it and touch on some of the exciting case studies yet to come in the series.

WP Scope Review v21 Million Hearts Converted To Leads & Sales

One-on-one discussion with successful online marketer, stage speaker and social media export, Brian Fanzo, who has embraced the platform and has been building a rabid fanbase of active scopers.

This ‘Change Evangelist’ has had more than 1 million taps/likes and regularly has close to 2,000 people show up at his broadcasts

WP Scope Review v38 Must Use Tips For Live Traffic Masses

In this video we interview social media expert, Nathan Hague who shares a very specific message for Internet Marketers wanting to use Periscope effectively.

In the video he covers specifcally how to structure your broadcast, how to use hashtags, titles and how to funnel people to turn it into cash.

WP Scope Review v4Live With: Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is undoubtably the most recognised name in the Periscope marketing community, with his scopes being locked down to commenting due to so many people tuning in, about 5 seconds each time he airs! In this video we get one-on-one with him as he shares his secrets to success using the live video broadcasts on Periscope, how to build buzz and how to turn that buzz into leads and sales in several different ways.

WP Scope Review v5Autopilot Leads, Cash & Sales

This video will show a walk through of the new WP Scope software, showing how users can automate content creation of hot content and extremely targeted traffic generation with the set and forget WordPress plugin.

WP Scope Review



Is this working for Samsung S4 5.1 yet? That’s why I haven’t been able to use it and I’ve not seen any updates they said they may have a vailable in July
WP Scope seems like the perfect way to take advantage of Periscope as a media platform by eliminating the one flaw the 24 hour expiration on your or others scopes! awesome!
É impossivel saber o que dizem no video quando não se consegue traduzir estou me sentindo como o surdo querendo se comunicar e não tem interprete de libras isso é angustiante .
For me it’s a little video unfortunately I see no point in it. What do you how do I start? The text is very good. But how to begin what is not there? No I thank you for your help
There is no important work in the video which suggests what? Just basic things and do not understand what he had to say Betty?
Mark does not have sufficient financial means thank you.
My first exposure to Grant Cordone, Now I understand why people rave about him. Samart guy!!
Like · Reply · 1 · 16 hrs
Periscope is another influence building tool. Great for building know, like, and trust.

P.S: When Grant Cardone speaks, you listen.
Like · Reply · 1 · 17 hrs
I attended a Grant Cardone course in 1992 and it changed my life.
Like · Reply · 1 · 18 hrs
mildly jealous… haha – (jk) – SO happy to hear this! wtg!
Like · Reply · 18 hrs
Evelyn Townsend
I appreciated this intro to periscope. I had no idea what it was or the potential … Thanks !
Works at Empire Avenue
Nice series of info vids Cindy . looking farward for the next release..smile emoticon
Now I have to use periscope!
So cool! i like to learn more about this new media. Thank you for sharing your videio.
This is great, thanks for the tip.
My 4 years of been in network marketing this have been one of the greatest tips ever
Like · Reply · Sep 4, 2015 8:07am
This is a really great series of videos.. I know when Grant Cardone shows up to talk about how he uses this platform things are going to get real serious! Congrats Cindy!
exciting times!!! Thanks for being a part of it!
Like · Reply · Sep 4, 2015 12:01am
Very cool Cindy:) Everything Cindy and her team puts out is a winner time and time again! This will be no different.
WP Scope Review

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