Wandah W Book Review

Wandah W Book Review

Wandah W Book Flash Games Tutorial


Wandah W Book ReviewWandah W Book Guide to Flash Games is a unique tool for Flash game developers. Rather than focusing on a bunch of low-level how-to material, this book dives straight into building games. The book is divided into specific game genre projects, covering everything from old classics such as a Missile Command-style game, to hot new genres such as retro evolved. The chapters build in complexity through the book, and new tools are introduced along the way that can be reused for other games.

The game projects covered start simple and increase in complexity as more and more tools are added to your tool chest.

Ten full game projects are discussed in detail. Each solves a very different game development problem and builds on the knowledge gained from the previous project.

Many advanced game development techniques are covered, including particle systems, advanced controls, artificial intelligence, blitting, scrolling, and more.

What you’ll learn

• Flash/Flex ActionScript 3 game development

• How to apply object-oriented game development techniques

• How to solve a wide variety specific Flash game programming problems

• How to develop a game engine and set of tools that can be reused

• How to implement ten different games (in styles ranging from retro to modern Flash games)

• How to optimize various games

Who this book is for

This book is for intermediate Flash developers, Flash game developers, game developers looking to move to the Flash platform, and experienced web developers who want to learn how to make games.

Wandah W Book Review
Wandah W Book Review

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