Video Lead Finder Review

Video Lead Finder Review

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Discover How 2 Simple Video Services Can Consistently Deliver $10,000+ Months for  Your Business

Video Lead Finder Review Video Lead Finder is an online lead finder software, which serves as the key to the $20,000 per month consulting business. It is considered as the final lead-finding application. Video Lead Finder launches September 24, Thursday, at 11 am ET. If you are into making money online, video marketing and online consulting, what you’re going to see in Video Lead Finder is the key to the whole future.

Maybe you’ve tried to sell services to offline before. If you have, you’ve probably struggled with two things:

• Convince your prospects that your services are worth paying for
• Impostor Syndrome – without feeling that you know enough to become a consultant.

Video Lead Finder fixes both of these problems in one fell swoop. In this video review of the Lead Finder, I’ll show you how it works:

You enter a keyword and location – Video Lead Finder goes through the top 3 pages of Google and finds all ads AdWords. These are people who are already spending money on marketing, so they will be easier to sell.
Each ad is evaluated on the strengths and weaknesses – give the user to immediately understand how to improve it to generate more clicks. Even if you have no experience of copywriting, it gives you the knowledge of the business would kill for.
Each page of the landing checked on video – If no video is another extremely convenient service for delivery – outsourcing or share your royalties.
This is the exact process that the creators have used to get their business off the ground, and it is one that they still use to find their best customers. But it is working through the process of manually took the lead 15 minutes in, and it is only if you already know how to evaluate ads. Video Lead Finder can do all this for you. This can really dig 33 leads by pressing a button. That whole morning is done in the time required to bring a cup of coffee. And because the evaluation system was built ad at this time open to all.

Some of the results

Video Lead Finder Review

For a limited time, you will get a 65% discount in this video Lead Finder Review. Community Video Lead Finder price will be $ 147. But for a very limited time, you can pick it up and give your business a huge head start for just $ 47. Early birds get the better deal because you can get this download online lead finder discount 75% at $ 37.

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Video Lead Finder Review – ALL FUNNEL

I know you hate to be surprised Upsells so I’ve included information on all the craters in this video review of the Lead Finder. Check them out below:

The front end: Video Lead Finder on a $ 37 Starting Price offer
OTO 1: Pro Version Video Lead Finder – Pro version VLF is not only to find leads, but it can also send a letter to every single individual on the screen of their exact ad ringed in red. Anyone who hates cold calling will love it – and let’s face it, that’s all.
OTO 2: Video Templates – a collection of the best videos of Peter templates to deliver the services to create a video yourself 30-minute job.
OTO 3: White Label Video Lead Finder – This is a white label version of the VLF, giving your software assets that can be sold as their own.
OTO 4: Real Example – In this example, the real life, Peter will walk you through the process of selling the video to the client.


Not only is the Video Lead Finder was triple checked, they use it themselves when they are prospecting. So you can be sure that the software is bug-free. But still, if you have any problems, they got a support team on hand to help.

If you’re offline consulting, marketing videos and make money on the Internet, Video Lead Finder is the right product for you. If you are struggling to get off-line, you’ll see that the video lead-Finder makes it easier than ever. And if you have a starting blocks, the ULF will help you to more customers faster and give you two new services to add to your portfolio. With Explaindio, Video Motion Pro and more, there are many people out there who can make an incredible video. Video Lead Finder can help you turn this skill into a business, finding leads, who will pay $ 500 or more per serving. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money with marketing. Because Video Lead Finder tracks down high-value customers who do not have to be sold.

We all know that there are people out there who need help to succeed. I sincerely believe that this product will make it happen. Video Lead Finder, you can start you have a consulting business, and do it much faster than you ever before.

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