VidCreate Review

VidCreate Review

New Cloud-Based Solution Creates Lead Sucking & Engaging Video Pages Within Minutes – All Done For You!

Finally you can tap into the video marketing buzz to help you collect leads, make sales and start profiting today!

Introducing The Most Powerful Yet Simple Video Page Builder… The Only Video Page Creator That Allows You To Build Pages Quickly And Easily With Our Done For You Templates, Cloud Based Technology And Auto Responsive Design Meaning You Can Get Started Sooner Rather Than Later And Be More Effective In Your Marketing.

Its Finally Here: A video page builder that not only allows you to build beautiful engaging lead sucking pages, but is also a done for you solution with highly customizable features allowing you to tweak, create and profit saving you time and money.

Brand New: Incredible new sales pop system allows you to sell right within your pages, or even over the top of your videos meaning vidCreate can do everything for you from first impression to making a sale making this your ultimate video sales page solution.

Video Landing Pages WORK – Just Look at the results we’ve been getting creating high-converting pages which brought in amazing traffic, leads and revenue for our business – To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars every month

Look at what we have made in the last 12 days!

VidCreate Review

Check VidCreate Right HERE

STEP # 1:
Login to the stunning build area

STEP # 2:
Select Any Of Our TEN Beautiful DFY Templates

STEP # 3:
Customize and Edit Your Very Own Video Sales Or Squeeze Page!

STEP # 4:
Publish Your Site! Have Leads And Sales Roll In As Visitors Engage With Your Pages, Its Opt-Ins and Buy Buttons That Can Appear Over The Videos!

Finally You Can STOP Paying Outlandish Fees For Copywriting And Landing Page Designs …

The most powerful landing page builder on the planet based on our cloud technology for crazy-good conversions

Built-in templates for video landing pages, sales pages & Squeeze pages all battle-tested and proven to convert

All pages are SEO friendly, mobile-responsive so you can tap into lifelong organic AND mobile traffic

Get On The Fast Track To Online Success By Deploying Every Top Tool Internet Marketers Use With vidCreate’s Powerful And Unique Features Previously Unavailable With Many Video Page Builders.

Smart Call-To-Action Allowing You To Put Buy Buttons and Opt-In Forms Over Videos!

Beautifully Responsive HTML5 Editor Works In Any Modern Browser!

Optimized For Desktop, Tablet And Mobile So You Can Capture Anyone!

Powerful vidCreate Stat Center Helps You Tune And Improve!

Retargeting Friendly Allowing You To Capture Everyone And Anyone!

A DFY Solution That Is Also The Most Customizable Available!

Just take a LOOK at some of the pages you’ll be able to create within seconds using built-in templates

VidCreate Review

This Incredible Must Have Page Builder Is The Tool You Need To Get On Your Way To Online Success!

vidCreate gives me all the benefits of expensive, $97/mo. page builders with none of the limitations AND a kick-ass low price! I love it and it’s already helped my marketing take another step forward!

Plus, I’ve been blown away by the help and support you get in setting up your pages – I’ll definitely use vidCreate to create my future sales and landing pages!

There’s Absolutely No Doubt That To Sell Or Engage Effectively Online, You Need To Present Yourself Professionally, Utilize Video & Strong Call To Actions!
vidCreate Combines All Of This Into One Powerful Build System!
Engage Visitors and Traffic With Slick Embedded Video Right Inside Your Sales Page
Gather Leads Or Make Sales Like Never Before With Our Unique Video Call-To-Action System Encouraging Opt-Ins And Sales Right Over The Video Player!
Never Lose Another Visitor Again With Our Amazing Responsive Design That Has vidCreate Displaying Beautifully On Any Device, Anywhere!
The Most Effective Online Marketing Platform Is Waiting For You To Leverage It With vidCreate
Video Landing Pages WORK – Just Look at the results we’ve been getting creating high-converting pages which brought in amazing traffic, leads and revenue for our business – To the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars every month
Look at what we have made in the last 12 days!

Every day millions of eyes engage and act on videos online, with millions paid in sales and millions of leads building lists. Wouldn’t it make sense for you to bank these earnings and capture those leads instead of somebody else?
Up until today exploiting that was no easy task

Here’s why vidCreate changes everything!

Check VidCreate Right Now

Surely you, just like I have, come across sales pages often promoting a product or service. You may even find yourself on a squeeze page looking to sign up but it is just like every other one out there.

You can now overcome this HUGE problem – vidCreate has been built from the ground up to give you a huge toolkit of unique points of difference.

On top of that, after a huge amount of time spent in development you will have everything you need to ensure your page engages and doesn’t leak visitors, leads and sales like other page builders.

When customers watch a video they are then sent to find a buy button or Opt-In form, losing interest along the way and disappearing from your site forever

An Easy Done For You Solution

vidCreate has been built by a hand picked team of design and conversion experts, who not only optimized the builder for anyone from beginners to experts, but they also have also worked to produce 10 beautiful templates all available for no extra cost right from the start, so you can get building, engaging and selling faster and easier.

Video Call-To-Action

Imagine being able to place call to actions over the top of videos right within the page! Nothing informs, engages and sells like video and now with our unique Video Call-To-Action feature you can take your viewers straight from viewing a video, to joining your list or even becoming a customer with a buy button!

Powerful Stat Center

There is no better way to judge your pages performance than details statistics, our powerful stat center gives you a dashboard full of needed statistics to help you judge your pages performance giving you that crucial edge in a competitive market place!

Retargeting Friendly System

vidCreate has been built to be retargeting friendly allowing you to simply paste retargeting code into a box, and get your campaigns running through google and social media to zero in on any escaped visitors. This gives you the power to plug up any holes that may be leaking your business profits ensuring vidCreate is the ultimate solution for capturing buyers, even after they leave your site!

Autoresponder Integration

Smash down limitations of syncing with only a number of auto responders with our seamless integration with the top auto-responder hosts. No longer will you be limited to only these responders though, with our HTML code box you literally just paste in your auto-responders code and you have your Opt-In form right inside your page!

Easy Video Embed

Embed videos from You Tube and Vimeo right inside your page. Do you use another video host, no problem just paste the code into the box and your video will be on the page, and if you have.MP4 hosted somewhere online just simply put your link in the box and boom, the video is there!

Highly Customizable

You can change and edit your page, or any of the templates with our super easy to use yet highly customizable editor. Simple enough a beginner could use it, more than enough depth an experienced user will be impressed. The cloud based HTML5 editor means you can build inside any browser with HTML5 capability!

Fully Responsive Design

With the majority of web traffic now coming in from mobile devices, vidCreate not only allows you to build stunning video sales or squeeze pages. But they are fully mobile responsive allowing users on any device to enjoy the experience your site has to offer. No more leaking over 60 % of potential traffic with this solution allowing you to capture any user, on any device!

and so much more!

This is the BEST way to ensure MASSIVE PROFITS in 2015, 2016 and beyond with this powerful system that will change the way you build your sales or squeeze pages, forever

Check VidCreate Right Now

VidCreate Review

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