Review Trust Review

Review Trust Review

Review Trust Review

Internet Marketer, Brad Callen, who has done tens of millions of dollars online (the guy knows how to make money online) just released a Revolutionary Software that increase conversions by 156%

Review Trust Review


The world’s first and only fully featured system built to automate the tedious process of collecting, gather- ing, and displaying fresh customer testimonials directly on your website…

Allowing you to achieve higher conversion rates and more sales, all the while saving you the time and hassle of doing it all manually… which if you’re like most, would never happen.

Most online business owners ignore social proof or, at best, pepper their website with a handful of old, outdated testimonials. Why?

Well, the simple answer is: Because gathering, collecting and displaying testimonials on a website is a tedious, time-consuming pain in the backside.

If you’ve ever tried to keep your website updated with fresh testimonials then you know what I’m talking about…
Who Has Hours To Spend On
Collecting, Gathering And Displaying Testimonials?
A process that usually goes something like this…
A customer purchases your product.

If you’re an experienced marketer you’ll gather their name and email address upon purchase.

You’ll take these names and testimonials and type them into a Word document or Notepad.

You’ll then give the document to your web designer, programmer, and web master who will create a design for you and, a week or two later, place it on your website.

A few weeks later, you’ll log into your autoresponder service where your customer’s information (i.e. their name and email) are stored. And you’ll craft an email, asking for their feedback on the product they just purchased.

If you’re lucky, a couple customers, at best, will reply to your email with a few sentences that may or may not resemble a usable testimonial.

How much time will this entire process take?

Well, realistically, it’s going to take at least a couple of weeks.

With lots of manual labor on your end, back and forth with your web designer, programmer, and web master, and hours of time wasted on something that, most likely, will result in just a couple of measly testimonials.

Not to mention, testimonials that will quickly grow outdated and stale.

The process is time-consuming, tedious and a trial of your patience. And because of that, most online business owners just don’t do it.

And the ones who do have testimonials on their website typically only have a few… most of which were gathered last minute, as an afterthought, and it shows.
This represents a huge opportunity for you… if you decide to take action today.

You see, while your competition putters along with no testimonials on their website, completely oblivious to the power of social proof, and wondering why their sales are as dead as a church on Friday night…

…You’ll be using Review Trust to load your website with dozens upon dozens of fresh, high-quality testimonials…

…Testimonials that harness the proven selling power of social proof and increase your conversions, sales and profits!

Watch Demo Video of ReviewTrust In Action

ReviewTrust makes it a breeze to display fresh testimonials on your website and leverage the awesome selling power of social proof in your business.

To get started, simply connect your shopping cart to your ReviewTrust account, or import a list of customers you’d like to follow-up with.

From there, ReviewTrust automates everything. And by everything, I mean everything.

After a customer purchases from you, ReviewTrust automatically follows-up with them either using our predefined follow-up email sequence OR a customized sequence you create yourself.

Email #1 is sent roughly 2 weeks after they purchase, with the sole purpose of getting your customer to click on a link to be taken to a custom web page where they can rate your product from 1 to 5 stars, as well as leave a testimonial.

We step them through the entire process so not only is it every easy for them… but it also results in much higher-quality testimonials.

If they ignore the first email, they get another email 1 week later.

And if they ignore the second email, they’ll receive a final email a week after that.

All email content and frequency is 100% customizable by you.

But as simple as ReviewTrust makes it for you to gather, collect and display customer testimonials completely on auto-pilot, this fully-featured system can do so much more…


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