Genius Marketing Pro Review

Genius Marketing Pro Review

Overwhelmed With Everything it Takes to Make Money Online?

Discover The ‘One and Done’ Single Solution That Unlocks The Treasure Trove of Cash-Driving Tactics To Make Money Online!

So You Can Finally Create the 5, 6 or 7 Figure Lifestyle Business You Want & Deserve

FINALLY, 4 and 5 Figure Pay Days Are At Your Fingertips With This One Stop Marketing and Money Solution!

  Does The Job of 10 Services Just ONE login and password to remember.

  As “Done For You” As It Gets. So easy, it almost reads your mind!

  No Tech Skills Needed Web based, nothing to install.

  One and Done Pricing No monthly fees, So you can keep MORE of your money!

  Rookie/Newbie Friendly Designed so anybody can do it.

  Exclusive Access: “100k in 7 days case study” and other successful campaigns.

Brought to you by Dwayne Golden, Dwayne Golden Jr., Alex Costan and Stephen Gilbert. Who combined, have over 35 years of internet marketing experience. Here’s a peek at some of their sales over the past year:

Genius Marketing Pro Review

Genius Marketing Pro Review


Austin Anthony – IMBuddies.Com

I’ve tried a lot of different page builders over the years; everything from to ClickFunnels to Instapage and they all have their strengths but none of them have been capable of providing all of the pieces I need for a product launch, so I’d end up using several different platforms to get the same end results that I can get here in a single product.

Marius Price –

I’m cancelling my subscriptions to everything else, I’m done paying monthly! Buying this for a one time fee is a no brainer because it replaces several other products that I’ve been using and those charge me monthly like clockwork. Plus this gives me some extra goodies like surveys that I get to use for market research etc. Pure win.

“What’s holding you back?”

Lack of money?

Overwhelmed by time consuming tech pieces?

How do I build a list?

How do I promote affiliate offers?

How do I get paid?

How do I deal with autoresponders and page builders?

Not sure “how” to go about the actual selling?

What system to use?

Even WHAT to sell?

All of the above?

The good news is, we’ve each been exactly where you are. We each scratched, scraped and clawed our way to the top of the internet marketing world.

We have our own “Zero to Hero” stories that could drive grown men to tears, but we’re not going to share those with you today.

Built A System “From The Ground Up” That Eliminates All The Problems Most Marketers Face…

This system STEAMROLLS every technical and financial obstacle standing between you and paydays like this:

So how did we come up with this Marketing Suite that helps you make money, with almost push-button ease? AND saves you money at the same time.

Genius Marketing Pro Review

How Did This Come Together?

See, most marketers use a hodge-podge of marketing services to put a funnel together and get a product launched.

Services Like These Tax You Every Single Month

Autoresponder –

You won’t pay as much as we do because we have huge lists… but if you’re serious online, you have to spend at least $80 per month on your autoresponder service … and that’s not even close to what we pay for these:

Hosting –

Depending on the size of your business, hosting can cost hundreds per month. Depending on the bandwidth and processing speeds you need, the costs can skyrocket. Genius Marketing Pro includes top of the line hosting that can handle videos and streaming content without slowing down your sites.

Page Builder –

A page builder for Sales pages, another for Capture pages, a WordPress plug-in for A/B testing, a bundle of plugins for managing affiliates COSTS: $67 per month or more

Designers –


Good quality designers can cost hundreds (or thousands) per month. Depending on how many products we’re launching, that can really add up over time. GMP’s saves you HOURS of precious time and money on going back and forth with designers.


Coding and Development


When you use a patchwork of services for page building, hosting, wp plugins, autoresponders and webinar services, it takes a Coding and Development team to glue all these pieces together. And you’ll need them on retainer to keep it all from falling apart. Yes, it adds up!


Copywriting –


Decent copywriters charge $5,000 per funnel… on the low end. Some copywriters require a monthly retainer to be available for even small changes. Depending on how many products you launch, this can really add up over time. You already know when you’re just getting started every penny counts. You need a built-in copywriting software to give you the tools to quickly and easily write copy that converts. Save that money for profit or building other areas of your business.

This Is What Happens When People Actually
Work Together To Solve Problems!

Software that easily and quickly creates every type of page you’ll ever need…

Includes an autoresponder, social sharing features, exit pop-ups, share-codes and more.

High quality tutorials and step by step webinars to show how to make money using this system.

Everything you need to launch and scale your automated online business.

You’ll get training on how we create a fortune

All this in one centralized web based platform… nothing to download and just one log-in to remember!


Now, We Know We Need To Show People Proof This Is The Straight Line To Making Money Fast And Easy

The Solution Is Staring You In The Face:

Genius Marketing Pro is the “one and done” software, training & affiliate sales platform that you need to duplicate our success… without doing all the hard work on your own.

Genius Marketing Pro Review

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