Azon Store Builder Review

Azon Store Builder Review

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Azon Store Builder ReviewAzon Store BuilderAzon Store Builder is a WordPress plugin used to build your own customized Amazon store on the WordPress platform.

Without a doubt – selling products and services is the best way to make money online. That could be your own products or it could be affiliate marketing.

And when it comes to affiliate marketing, nothing has stood the test of time anywhere close to Amazon’s affiliate program.

Amazon Associates has been around for years and thousands of marketers are making a living through this system.

Azon Store Builder is an automated and efficient solution for building your Amazon store and it also includes some features that are not available in similar products.
Between the demo video below and my review that follows, I hope you will gather enough information to decide whether or not this product is right for your needs and goals.

Azon Store Builder Review
Azon Store Builder Review
Azon Store Builder Review
Azon Store Builder Review
Azon Store Builder Review
Azon Store Builder Review
Get On The Fast Track To Online Success By Deploying Maximum Online Horsepower With Azon Store Builder’s Powerful And Unique Features Previously Unavailable With Many Amazon Store Builders.
  • Extended 90 day cookies – Booyah!!!
  • Schedule future posts
  • Supports Multiple Amazon Countries
  • Post directly to FaceBook fanpage from within WP
  • Built in Auto Update So Prices are always displayed correctly
  • Easily Indendify the most popular products and clicks with the build in analytics
  • Compatible with any WP Theme

Azon Store Builder Review

Azon Store Builder Demo
The video below is actually Azon Store Builder’s official demo which Emma Anderson has shared with me. You can watch this video to have a look at the plugin itself as Emma operates from inside of WordPress and puts the product’s functionality and features on display for us…

Azon Store Builder is a WordPress plugin used to create Amazon store websites.
This plugin has actually been in development for the past two years during which time it has been tested and tweaked extensively.
As a consumer, I always appreciate when the developers invest a relatively high amount of time and effort into their products instead of rushing it out there prematurely.
Since I started reviewing IM products, I’ve come across SEVERAL Amazon products, particularly Amazon Affiliate store builders like this product and there’s a good reason for that…
The Amazon Associates model is one of the longest standing and most reliable online marketing business models because Amazon and Ebay are the two biggest online marketplaces in the world.

Azon Store Builder was created to automate the process of building an Amazon Affiliate website by taking care of the heavy lifting while still allowing you to customize your site.

Azon Store Builder Review

One of the main selling points is Azon Store Builder’s features that you will not find in similar products. These features include:
• Authoritative 90 day cookie system that means if a visitor clicks on an Amazon product through your website, Azon Store Builder will lock your cookie into their browser so you will receive credit for that sale even if they purchase that item directly through Amazon up to 3 months later! As an affiliate marketer myself, let me tell you this is a critical feature because losing sales to people that initially clicked on your affiliate link is a SERIOUS issue in this business (and it’s why I include a note about clearing your cookies at the bottom of ALL my review pages).
• You can edit and customize product titles and descriptions instead of being forced to use the exact titles and descriptions for each product as it appears on Amazon. This means you can use your own tactics to entice customers into buying products and/or SEO optimize your listings so they will be unique and RANK in the search engines instead of duplicate and non-optimized content.
• With Azon Store Builder, you can sell to customers anywhere in the world because your products and pricing will display in a local friendly format suiting your visitors’ location.
• Highly developed beautiful store design – Ok, I wanted to avoid coming off as biased here, but I have to call it how I see it and I’m very impressed with the website design. And of course, you do not have to design anything on your own since it’s built in to the plugin itself. Having a visually appealing and professional website appearance is a significant factor towards conversions.
• Azon Store Builder includes social media integration so you can share new products listed in your store through Facebook which allows you to reach another (huge) audience and when you’re dealing with social media, there is always the possibility of going viral.

So who should invest in Azon Store Builder?

If you have considered the Amazon Associates business model, I would definitely recommend Azon Store Builder over similar products on the market because it’s the most complete Amazon store builder I’ve seen and its additional features are quite important.

Another group that I would recommend this product to is the aspiring marketer that has grown tired of spinning their wheels with different methods that do not work. The Amazon Affiliate model is one of the longest standing IM business models because it has constantly proven itself. Simply put, this system works and you WILL make sales doing it, but you need to be committed and promise yourself that you will not become sidetracked by the next shiny object in 1 week from now.

Azon Store Builder will be available for purchase after 9/30 at 11:00 AM EDT. Sam Robinson is offering a special discount at the beginning of the launch and for a limited time you can buy this product for only $27.

Azon Store Builder Review

Azon Store Builder Review

Azon Store Builder Review

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